Team RoverOva

About us

Our team of enthusiastic students develops an exploration robotic rover K3P4. Main goal of this project is to design a versatile vehicle for international competitions such as European Rover Challenge (ERC) and University Rover Challenge (URC). Working on this large-scale system brings an opportunity to extend the knowledge in mechanical design, electronics, control, team management and collaboration which is far beyond the regular study requirements at the university.
There are undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students in our team, especially from the Department of Robotics, VSB-TU of Ostrava, Czech Republic. Being a part of the RoverOva team is a great experience and benefit for future career opportunities in various R&D areas.


Our rover

The rover K3P4 is capable of all the necessary tasks rover challenge competitions. It was designed, developes, built and tested by our team members.

It equipped with a dexterous manipulator, spring suspension, sensors and cameras. All to allow the operators a smooth control of the robot.

We are currently upgrading our rover and making it robust for more challenges.


Our team

Graduate and undergraduate students from the Department of Robotics have come together to form this team and compete with team all over the world.

We are mostly mechanical engineers and this project is a great way to introduce us to new skills in electrical engineering, programming, practical use of sensors and project management.



This project of our has attracted attention of a few journalists already!

The rover had it's first time on air in a live broadcast on a czech tv station Česká televize.

The team provided interviews to a several local newspapers.



17. listopadu 2172/15,
708 00
Ostrava – Poruba
Czech Republic 


Phone: +420 597 329 368
Mobile: +420 737 570 794


Twitter: @team_roverova

Facebook: VŠB - RoverOva

Instagram: team_roverova

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